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Pics from AX [Wednesday

I come bearing pics! wishling and chynoi have already posted some of the Senbatsu pics, but here's a few more:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Dinner at YamabukiCollapse )
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Senbatsu at AX, YO! [Wednesday

[ mood | happy ]

xD Wow... hasn't been a post in here in a while~

Need to get crackin and start posting some more in here~~~

Senbatsu PrideCollapse )

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YOU! [Wednesday

[ mood | cold > ]

Disneyland people!

I want pictures >3

...I'm in agreement w/ Sunny on St. Rudy's 8D

..I still wanna do Pokemon PoT XD;

*Bunbuns @ Gaku*

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Waa~! [Monday

[ mood | giddy ]

Waaa~! ::rolls around:: Waa~!

Let's do St. Ruuuuudolph!! St. Ruuuuuuuudolph!!!

::rolls around::

Wanna do St. Ruuuuudolph~!

::rolls down a flight of stairs::

Ow. .o.o

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Dirty-land update! [Saturday

[ mood | hungry ]

Do we know who's all doing the Secret Santa thingie!!!

*poke attack*


xP This is YOUR project...

What's the update!

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*flails about* [Monday

[ mood | excited ]


Due to my previous post regarding Dream Live-ness!

I have a request to ask of everyone!!!

So! We are still planning on going to Disneyland in December ne?!

xD Can we do the The 10th manga cover cosplay?!

I realize its gonna be cold... so some of us will need to bring jackets and whatever...



Let me know what you guys think?!

^_^() If you wanna do regular seigaku, tis fine! I'm just still excited about my Dream Live discovery!

[Edit]: I found a even better picture. Very close up!


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AM Foodage [Monday

Alrighty! Kei here reporting on a food/snack update...er status for Ani-Magic! As of now I have like 12 cups of Ramen...which will go down because I need to eat during the week ^^;; so it should be around 9 or 10 by time for Ani-Magic! Hiku said she would be willing to bring a rice cooker if anyone would like her to bring one. She will also be bringing a microwave, since it seems like the room only has a fridge *snuggles Hiku*

As for snackage...We have 10+ boxes of different flavours of Pocky! No moo .-. Sorry Hiku! In addition to this I'm bringing lots tube candy...Candy that comes in tubes, chocolate, pixie sticks, mini-pixie sticks, Charm's blow-pops, and various tons of other sugar filled goodies! Also I got some chips ^^;; I can't remember which type because it was an assorted bag! In addition to this I may bring a few Milanos and Oreos! I also have wheat things, teddy grahams, swoops, and bites which I can bring from my dorm room!

If there's anything else that anyone wants to bring, or anything else would like to suggest we get please post a comment ^^


Sasu-chan said she'd be bringing drinks and Hiku and Sunny are bringing the alcohol XD
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AM Party [Saturday

[ mood | weird ]

We need the following items:

Please suggest any other items you'd like to bring...Oh yes...please voulenteer to bring stuffage as well! Karla said that for sure she'll be picking up the pinata! As for the date of this this...It'll be Friday or Saturday night I believe...dunno for sure yet XP

Alright Kei's like collapsing right now >.>;;

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Sticker Pictures! :DDD [Saturday

[ mood | chipper ]

Kyah~! Thanks Kei for scanning them in a higher dpi. :D I finally finished fixing and resizing all of them for viewing pleasure. :DD

Thus let the crack begin X3Collapse )

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Pictures Update [Saturday

[ mood | sleepy ]

Ok...I've renamed some of the folders and I may be adding some more pictures to the AX '04 folder...depending on my mood XP Anyway here's all the folders I have of PoT Cosplay pics that I took!

Anime Expo '03:

I may eventually move the files to Photobucket...doesn't seem like it, but maybe ^^;

Fanime '04:

Most of the pics are from the PoT gathering and of the lovely Hyoutei group ^_^ Some of the pictures are random and cracktastic, while others were just taken randomly all over the place ^_^;;

Anime Expo '04:

Not too many pictures in here since I sent them all to Nori to do with what she wanted XD I may put more pictures in here if I ever get off my lazy arse ~_~ Don't count on it is all I'm saying ^^;

Otakon '04:

All of the pictures were taken at the Prince of Tennis gathering...No I don't have a picture of the group...*thinks* That's it XD

Outting 1:

Um...this was right after Otakon...like two or three days after Otakon in fact ^^; One day...Kei will get of her lazy arse and add more pictures to this folder...considering Kei took like 300 pics from this outting alone...

Outting 2:

Sunny's birthday party! I didn't take a pic of Mew-chan, but she looked like a Tezube love child ~_~ If my memory's working properly! Anyway yea it was tons of fun <3

Outting 3:

Um two weeks ago...? Dunno *shrugs* Anyway it was an outting to Downtown Disney ^_^ Yey!

Outting 4:

Just last weekend! Tons of fun! 'twas uber cracktastic and is majorly making me look foward to AM! It's only like wah @.@ very close *runs around*

Anyway that's all the pics I have for now! Hopefully Kei won't go and rename files again ~_~;;

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Party @ AM [Monday

[ mood | sleepy ]

Alright! A bunch of us were talking and we came up with the idea of having a PoT party at Ani-Magic! Of course everyone's invited <3 Anyway as of right now this is the tentative list of things we're going to try getting for the party and stuff we can do:

- piñata
- twister
- pretty pretty princess
- Disney princess plates
- chips/cookies/food of some sort
- ballons
- picnic blanket
- scavenger hunt (our prize: drawings from eijihood, other prize: inui juice)
- exchange presents

Any other comments or suggestions...just comment and it'll be added to the list <3

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Ani-Magic PoT-ness [Wednesday

[ mood | curious ]

Are we still doing:

+ Rikkai group?

Who still doesn't have a jersey? I can look via Yahoo! J-Auctions for j00!

+ PA cosplay?

o_o What do the school outfits look like... are we all doing our respective chara?

+ Chibi Ep 132?

... I bought the dress pattern the other day...


^_^ Onegai?

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Disneyland Outting [Tuesday

[ mood | sleepy ]

When: TBA
Where: Disneyland
What: Cosplaying PoT in Disneyland >3

I know a bunch of us have been talking about this off and on...but how about we actually attempt to officially plan this...? Um what days do you think we should do this...? I was talking to Hiku and we were thinking that probably around December, or around winter vacation, would be a better time since we wouldn't have school and that sort of thing to worry about...I don't know about everyone else, but I I'm pretty sure that I'm free from December 18th until January 17th or so ~_~ Um yea...so what does everyone else think? Any preference in date...?

Next post: Otakon or Downtown Disney Outting Pics

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JTAF [Monday

[ mood | weee ]

Who's all going? And what day/both?

I'm going to try to make both days (depending on which days people are going), but my mum wants me to go up to a horse show (last day of a three day event, actually) with her up by Sacramento on Sunday to watch a stallion we're looking into breeding my mare to compete. Would be going with my aunt too -- and in all reality, the stallion is being trained over at Oakridge, where my aunt has my pony, so I could go watch him school just about any time. >.> <.< So I could just as easily not go x3


Anyway, yeah. Would be easier for me to do both days if I was staying with someone, but technically it would only cost me about 10 bucks a day for bus fairs to get to/from San Francisco (Golden Gate Transit's 80, I love you. You get me home from Petaluma at 3 am, and allow for random trips with no reason to San Francisco with friends at any given time.)

Let me know if you're going both days and feel like letting me leech a couch/floor/whatever off of you x3.

Hell, if I go both days, (finding the stuff by then allowing), I'll even cosplay Jazzbunny!Kamio, because you losers want to see me do that so badly x3


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AM-ness! [Sunday

[ mood | excited ]

SO! People going to AM, we should do Chibi EP 132 cosplay for random-ness in the PoT room!

... I have given in to Momoko... and have already recruited kawaiibabyheero to be my adorable Ryoma! XD The pic plotting... has... BEGUN...

And from what I know, wishling will no doubt be neko Eiji and yana_neko will be baby Kaidoh

And there is a request from Yana for someone to be Mama Oishi XD!!!

Go check out Chibi Ep pics here!

^^ I think it would be cute! Let's do it ne?!

So if you guys want to, XD tell me who you wanna cosplay!

They are fairly easy cosplay so keep that in mind!

And I think it would be awesome if we got the whole chibi cast ^^() I think we have enough PoT people in the room to pull it off...

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Sunny's B-day....Part 2 [Tuesday

Hiku poked me into uploading and resizing the pics I took! They can be found here or you can follow the url:


Same people as in Hiku's post XP Also...there's nothing like crack with plushies >3
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Sunny's Bday! [Tuesday

[ mood | accomplished ]

^^ So I finally got around to uploading the pictures that I took on Saturday during sailorstarsun's bday!!!

aoi_tenshi has a ton more, but I don't think she's home yet ^^()

But anyways!

Sanada/Shishido - chynoi
Hiyoshi - sailorstarsun
Makeshift Dan - usagimylene
Personwhothoughtshewasn'tgonnagetcaughtinaphoto Rokkaku, REPRESENT - aoi_tenshi

This way to the crack

And hopefully I did everything right... ^^() first time using Nori's site...

Anyways! Enjoy!

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Party-ness? [Friday

[ mood | curious ]

So so! Was wondering... ._. And gomen... you can hit me if this has already been discussed but...

Are we doing PoT for sailorstarsun's Bday?

And if so, who is everyone bringing?

I'm probably getting that Sanada hat that I saw at my work the other day, today after my shift. So I can be both Kirihara and Sanada. XD Wow... like a love child or something! ^_^() Hehe...

But yah. If this be the case, ^_^ Let me know? Saaaankyuu~!

And also... and you can hit me again... ;_; Gomen... who's officially going? And like, when is everyone heading out there so you know... ._. I can see just how late I will be if I can go tomorrow...

Ok yah. ^^() Sankyuu...

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Fanime '04 [Tuesday

Yey ^^ Pictures from Fanime '04! Um...I need everyone to help me out identifying people...because I either don't know who's cosplaying who or I can't remember ^^;;

However...I will ID the ones I know for sure ^_^

chynoi = Shishido
wishling = Ohtori
gokumew2 = Atobe
sailorstarsun = Gakuto and Sanada
mikage = Kamio
cursedinanime = Taki
sol_kun = Oshitari
yammers = Jirou
restule = Kabaji


astelspirals = Kaidoh
sihaya_chan = Fuji
orochi8 = Blonde guy XD

oh yea....and me as Ryou Kisarazu of Rokkaku ._.;;

Anyway you can find the pictures here or again if you just want the url:


All of the pictures have been resized and croped ^^ I'd be using mikage's space...but I'm too lazy to transfer files XD Oh yea...some of the pictures are quite cracktastic and all featuring Hyoutei...You have been warned ~_~

Next post: Otakon '04...since my AX '04 images have been circulating ^^;
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Anime Expo '03 Pics [Tuesday

Wow...I haven't touched these pictures in a long time! They bring back memories of when I first got into PoT...Ah Anime Expo '03...seems like it was a year ago...Oh wait...it was XD Anyway I'll stop being nostalgic and move onto the pictures! They can be found here or if you just want the url:


The first four pictures are from the PoT gathering at AX, in the first bunch of images the Ryoma is fujis! The fifth image were two random guys I saw in PoT cosplay and ran over to take pictures of...and the final picture has chynoi as Ryoma and wishling as Eiji! Sadly these are the only pictures I have from '03...Oh well! Next post will be pics from Fanime '04!
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